XOOLUM™, the proven profile system. In developing the XOOMINAIRE™, the XOOLUM™ played a not insignificant part. With the smallest form factor of 25 x 30 mm it also belongs to the XOOMINAIRE™ family and is available as a surface mounted, a recessed and pendant version. Through the use of 8 different optics, the luminaire is very modular and configurable. The luminaire head of the multi-part profile system is lockable at 45° in both directions. Dimensions:25.4 mm wide x 29.5 mm high; 25.4 mm wide x 36.2 mm high. Luminous surface:631 mm, 881 mm, 1131 mm, 1381 mm. Lengths (approx):635 mm, 885 mm, 1135 mm, 1385 mm. Lumen power levels (approx):2000 lm/m, 3000 lm/m, 4500 lm/m. Color temperatures:2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K. Color rendering index:Ra > 85. IP-rating:IP20, IP40, IP67 (on request). Material:Anodized aluminium.

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